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Call Centre Services

Our local call center (operating exclusively out of our Canadian facility) enables us to develop and manage various marketing campaigns and offer a wide variety of services. Whether you’re looking for appointment setting services or need professionally researched surveys carried out on your target market, our business development team is ready for the job. Our agents are all highly motivated and undergo extensive training. With years of experience in the field, we’re equipped with the competence to help you do the job effectively and increase the return on your investment.

Have you missed any calls from us? Find out why!


Outbound Call Services

Parmac offers top-quality B2B Outbound Call Services. We do it all expertly; tailoring our solutions to your business’s specific challenges, budget, goals, and target segments.


Helping companies increase sales is the core of our business. We focus on companies that sell B2B and have helped increase sales for companies of all sizes for 30 years. We can help you with your inside sales efforts or seek out new prospects on your behalf. Set the parameters and let us take over your telesales while you focus on other priorities. We’ll send you the sales orders at the end of each day.

  • Products
  • Services
  • Memberships
  • Renewals
  • Subscriptions
  • Tickets

Lead Generation

Parmac specializes in building sales pipelines in untapped markets. We complement your direct sales efforts by taking over your cold call prospecting, so your salespeople can do what they do best—spend time with current clients and close sales.
A commitment to regular prospecting is the single best way to keep your sales funnel full. Whether for small, medium, or large campaigns, Parmac provides the same level of superior service. Our programs are scalable to any marketing budget or campaign size. We design and execute custom B2B lead generation campaigns in close communication with you, paying close attention to your stakeholders, goals, budget, and timeline. Parmac takes all the little details into account when tailoring a solution to your specific business needs.

  • Appointment Setting
  • Renewals/Lapsed Subscriptions
  • Cold Calling/Prospecting
  • Qualifying Leads

Research & Database Updates

We’ll help you develop a strategy and gather information about target markets and your customers. We’ll help you improve the accuracy of the information and learn more about the buyer persona. We believe that a competitive edge can be born out of great research and accurate data.

  • Surveys
  • Obtain CASL Consent
  • Database Updating
  • Capturing X-Dates
  • List Scrubbing & Account Profiling using AI tools


No matter the event or size, our experienced agents not only get the job done but also boost attendance to your conference, webinar, summit, or certification/training course. Elections are won and lost by a campaign’s ability to accurately identify supporters and mobilize them to get out to the polls on Election Day. Parmac’s Voter ID program is designed, developed, and implemented with sound tactical and strategic foundations.

  • Event Registration
  • Voter Identification

Inbound Call Services

Feeling overwhelmed with incoming calls? Can’t complete your work in between calls? That’s where we come in. Bring us on to take care of your inbound calls and get back to doing what you do best.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support is committed to delivering fast problem-resolution and support. Whether that involves ensuring that a caller reaches a human as quickly as possible or helping them resolve complex situations, we’re experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to help.

  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • Customer Service

Inbound Sales

Need a representative to take orders, process payments, or provide extra phone support to customers? Our agents love people; we’ll seamlessly transform into a member of your team to provide the customer with an exceptional phone experience with your company or brand.

  • Payment & Order Processing
  • Order Tracking
  • Appointment/Reservation Setting
  • Upgrade/Renewal Inquiries

Receptionist Services

We know how difficult it is to tackle your workload when the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Parmac can help you manage your incoming calls so that you can be the most efficient version of yourself.

  • Managing Incoming Calls
  • Message Taking
  • Appointment Setting
  • Call Answering
customer service

Call Center Rentals

Do you have a campaign in mind and a great team but are missing the equipment you need to get underway? Rent our facility and bring in your own team. We provide the phone lines, and you do the rest. Great for political candidates, telethons, fundraising, or events.

  • Auto-Dialer or Manual Dialing
  • Board Room (Capacity=8)
  • Technical Support on Site
  • Flexible scheduling

Sample Campaigns

Auto Dealership

You have a big sale coming up. You want to call your list of customers and invite them to the big event. You can recruit Parmac to call your customers. Parmac’s agents reach out and have them RSVP for the upcoming sale. They also do research to determine if the customers are looking for a new vehicle and other qualifying questions. In between sales, you have Parmac call customers for service appointments.

Publishing House
Professional Publishing

You are a powerful publishing house that provides educational textbooks and reference material. You are the go-to resource for everyone within X-Profession. You have a sales team that manages your big-ticket accounts. You can recruit Parmac to call your smaller accounts annually on your behalf and run a sales campaign to sell your updated books. This way, you speak to everyone without having to expand your sales team temporarily. Parmac sends you sales orders at the end of each day, and your inside sales team isn’t overrun. They can focus on providing excellent customer services to your larger accounts

Commercial Insurance
You’re a commercial insurance provider, and you’re looking to connect with new prospects, new niche targets and even lapsed clients. You recruit Parmac to help you develop and scrub a lead generation list. Then they call each company on your behalf to book appointments for you. If the prospect does not want to book an appointment, you have Parmac determine their current provider and when the policy renews so that they can follow up at the perfect time. After your initial campaign, you enlist Parmac a few hours a week to follow up with those prospects that have policies renewing in the next month to try to book you an appointment.
You produce an amazing product. You want to grow and increase sales. You recruit Parmac to increase exposure and complement your in-house team. Depending on your particular product, our agents either make a direct sale or work to book you an appointment for one of your experts.
You offer state-of-the-art software and support for the legal services industry. Your product helps offices with more than 100 employees with multiple locations or a large portion of staff working remotely. You recruit Parmac to call each lawyer’s office in the region and determine whether they need your software.
Our agents determine the number of employees, current practices, and whether they have any interest in your software. Parmac sends information packets and case studies to the interested parties and follows up a week later to book an appointment for you to pitch your product and services.
Telecommunications Provider

You are a large telecommunications provider and you want to promote your business solutions in existing and untapped areas. You hire Parmac to call to set up appointments, capture current provider & renewal dates. Our agents determine the best time to book a follow up date. If the prospect is in the market or asks technical questions about your service we help facilitate communication by offering a direct transfer to a member of your team.

Conference Host
You are hosting an event like a conference, tradeshow, seminar etc. You want to boost attendance while gathering research from previous attendees about their preferences. Parmac will call previous attendees to sell tickets. You also ask Parmac to do market research. While you do see a boost in attendance, the real takeaway is that you can make critical decisions about your future events based on Parmac’s research.
You run a recreation facility that hosts busy registration days for classes. You hire Parmac to receive incoming calls and take registration information from customers before handing it over to your team for processing. Our team takes your incoming calls, manages messages, and takes payment information on your behalf. If customers have other questions, they are transferred to the facility and directed to a company representative, or the message will be taken down for your team to answer later.
Political Candidate
It’s getting close to Election Day, and it’s time to gather the troops. You know that Elections are won by identifying your supporters and getting them to the polls on election day. Parmac Marketing’s auto-dialer ensures maximum productivity and reduces your campaign costs. You rent the facility so that your team can mobilize your supporters, conduct invaluable research, and give you a competitive edge.

Call Services: What to Expect

1 - Onboarding

Throughout the onboarding process, you will speak with our program director about your goals, the scope of the project, and your target market. Our team will help you design the perfect campaign based on your goals and help determine each customer type’s characteristics to acquire a list that most closely resembles the ideal customers you want to target.

2 - List Acquisition & Scrubbing

After we acquire a list, we will send it to you for scrubbing. We can also help you with this. The list is the most important part of any program. If your list is not composed of prospects that have a reason to purchase your product/service (or something similar to it), then it’s unlikely your campaign will do well. You need to have a list of prospects who need what you are offering—whether it’s from you or the other guy.

3 - Script

While waiting for the list acquisition, we will develop a script and submit it to you for approval and revisions. With our experience, we know how to capture the recipient’s attention in the first few seconds of a call.

We will contact you to schedule product/service-specific training for our team. Having more product/service knowledge helps them answer introductory questions & qualify the lead.
After the steps above have been taken, we can get started on your program. A front-line Program Director directly supervises each agent to ensure your marketing campaign is being executed with the attention to detail and professionalism you deserve and expect.
You receive three reports daily, updating you fully on the campaign progress and passing on any information that you need to know. Our program director also supervises your campaign performance to help advise and refine your campaign over time. Based on feedback from our agents and reviews of our calls, we can suggest script revisions and/or campaign revisions to help maximize your ROI.

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